Acali Place Marina is a family owned and run marina providing a family friendly location to enjoy the boating lifestyle.

Purchased in 2018 by Patrick and Liz Martyn, the marina has experienced fundamental upgrades include electrical service (burial of lines and removal of poles), washroom re-build, 30,000 sq. ft. heated indoor storage, Weeds-be-gone installed in the canal, addition of a 40-ton marine travel lift and a 40-Ton hydraulic trailer.

In 2022 the addition of a 2500 sq. ft. service building alongside a new showroom and manufacturing space was established. The new showroom and shop also houses The Canvas Loft, offering upholstery and canvas work, and the Crows Nest, offering TopDek and specialty marine signage using our on-site CNC machine.

With a team of dedicated mechanics, fabricators, technicians and wood-boat enthusiasts, Acali Place Marina is equipped to meet your boating needs.